Connect Program

Last year our society launched a special pilot project text message service known as the FSHRMPS CONNECT Program aimed at gathering information on topics of importance to our members.  The pilot project was a success and the data gathered from the pilot project was used by our leadership to help make important decisions on behalf our our society.   Based on the success of the pilot project we have decided to expand this service to include a full year subscription.  
It is the hope of our leadership that through the FSHRMPS CONNECT Program (powered by Trumpia) we will be more effective at not only gathering data on topics important to our leadership but also to gather data and disseminate results on topics identified by our members.  The goal is to use this new program and platform as a means to better CONNECT our members to the society and to each other.   For example several members who participated in the pilot project have suggested that we gather data (and disseminate results) on topics such as adverse incident reporting, risk management survey experiences, regulatory compliance, professional development and innovative risk management and patient safety practices.
We are asking all of our members to participate in this important initiative and we promise that you will experience an ease of participation as data will be delivered directly to your mobile device.  In order to participate you will need to opt into this system by registering through a secure server and we can assure you that your phone number will only be used for participation in this FSHRMPSCONNECT Program.
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