2020 Legislative Summary Report

2020 Legislative Session – Bill Tracking

Patient Safety Bills 

HB 763  (Patient Safety Culture Surveys) passed the House of Representatives and Senate. Requires licensed facilities to biennially conduct anonymous patient safety culture survey using applicable federal publication; requires facilities to biennially submit such survey to AHCA; requires agency to collect, compile, & publish survey data; revises requirements for submission of health care data to agency; provides appropriations.  Effective Date: July 1, 2020

HB 6051  (Medical Negligence) did not pass.

Regulatory Bills

HB 731 (AHCA) passed the House of Representatives and the Senate. Revises certain duties of AHCA relating to reporting, oversight, licensure inspections, issuance of licenses, & Medicaid fraud investigations; removes annual assessment on health care entities; removes provisions relating to multiphasic testing centers. Effective Date: July 1, 2020

HB 713 (Department of Health) passed the House of Representatives and Senate. Specifies direct reporting requirements for certain positions within Children's Medical Services Program; revises provisions relating to Florida Consortium of National Cancer Institute Centers Program; revises duties & responsibilities of DOH; revises licensure requirements for certain professions under authority of DOH; provides requirements relating to radiation machines; provides adverse incident reporting requirements for dental professionals. Effective Date: July 1, 2020

HB 767 (Assisted Living Facilities) Revises requirements & standards relating to ALF licensure, inspections, resident criteria & rights, & staff training & continuing education. Effective Date: July 1, 2020

HB 827  (Recovery Care Services) did not pass. 

HB 1205 &  SB 1626  (Price Transparency) did not pass.  

HB 1147 &  SB 1882  (Patient Access to Records) did not pass. 

Health Care Practice Bills  

HB 607 (Direct Care Workers) passed the House of Representatives and Senate. Requiring a licensed home health agency that authorizes a registered nurse to delegate tasks to a certified nursing assistant or a home health aide to ensure that certain requirements are met; requiring home health aides to complete annual inservice training in medication administration and medication error prevention, in addition to existing annual inservice training requirements; creating the Excellence in Home Health Program and the Nurse Registry Excellence Program, respectively, within the agency for a specified purpose; requiring the agency to adopt rules establishing program criteria, etc. Effective Date: July 1, 2020

HB 389 (Practice of Pharmacy) passed the House of Representatives and Senate. Creates collaborative pharmacy practice agreement between pharmacist & physician; requires agreements to be appropriate to training & scope of practice of pharmacist & physician; requires maintenance of records & specified pharmacists to report certain diseases of public health significance to DOH; authorizes pharmacists to test for & treat influenza & streptococcus; provides requirements for written protocol between pharmacist & supervising physician. Effective Date: July 1, 2020