Endorsed Certifications / Aligned Education Programs

In addition to the year round programming offered by the FSHRMPS, our society is proud to endorse certification and education programs that contribute to the professional development and career advancement of risk management and patient safety professionals and aligns with the FSHRMPS Core Competencies and Professional Development Framework.

In response to the recent repeal of licensure in Florida, our society is pleased to endorse the following two national certification / credentialing programs:



FSHRMPS is pleased to recommend the following educational programs to our members who are seeking to advance their career through additional academic training:  




Programs seeking to be endorsed by our society and use our model should click here to submit a program outline, information on the program structure / delivery model and information on the faculty and host institution associated with the program.

Programs endorsed by the society have been reviewed by the Education Committee and our Board of Directors.  All programs have been evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • congruence with the topics, knowledge and skills contained in the FSHRMPS Competency Model and Professional Development Framework;
  • affiliation with an academic institution and or national professional society
  • faculty experience and credentials.