Leadership Academy

This program is designed for experienced level risk managers and patient safety professionals who are seeking to develop the skills necessary to transition from management to leadership.  The program provides a framework for understanding and practicing leadership, while highlighting fundamental skills needed to lead risk management and or patient safety initiatives in today’s complex healthcare system. Participants receive practical strategies for strengthening leadership and collaboration skills. Topics include: management vs leadership, how to be recognized as the subject matter expert (SME) in patient safety culture, collaborating with internal departments & outside stakeholders, speaking and reporting to the senior team, medical executive committee, and board.

Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the Difference Between Management and Leadership
  • Identify Leadership Qualities for Risk or Patient Safety Leaders
  • Describe Strategies for Promoting Collaboration with Internal Departments & Outside Stakeholders
  • Analyze the Role of Leadership in Developing a Safety Culture
  • Apply Leadership Theory Through an Action Learning Project


We are currently working to schedule this program for Spring 2021.  Please check back as dates will be published soon.

For more information about this program please send an email to [email protected]