Legislative Advocacy

The control and prevention of medical accidents and injuries is a significant public health and safety concern in Florida and across the country.  An essential method of controlling medical injuries is a comprehensive program of risk management, as required in Florida Law. Our society serves as an "advocate" for public policy that benefits patients through a safe, trusted and accessible healthcare system.

FSHRMPS staff and members of our Advocacy Committee are actively engaged in communicating with members of the following legislative committees and tracking legislation moving through these committees.

Florida House of Representatives

          Health and Human Services Committee

Florida Senate

         Health Policy

We encourage all of our members to become connected with the leadership of these legislative committees (as well as your own individual Representative or Senator) and to help us encourage these members to support public policy to improve patient safety and access to affordable, quality healthcare.

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Bill Tracking – 2021 Legislative Session

Liability Protections – COVID -19  

CS / SB 72 - Staff Analysis  (Passed 3/29/21 - Effective 3/29/21) 

CS / HB 7 -   Staff Analysis     

CS/ HB 7005– Staff Analysis   

SB 74- Staff Analysis  

Claims for Medical Negligence

HB 1271

SB 1712

Damages Recoverable by Parents of an Adult Child in Medical Negligence Actions 

HB 651  - Staff Analysis 

SB 1112 

Assault and Battery on Hospital Personnel  

HB 1625

CS/SB 614 

Consent for Pelvic Exam

HB 361

SB 716


HB 247

SB 700  - Staff Analysis

SB 864

Free Standing Emergency Departments

HB 1157

SB 1976

Managed Care Plan Performance 

HB 899

SB 1272

Physician Assistants

HB 431

HB 1299

SB 894  

Medication Technicians

HB 1551

SB 1830  - Staff Analysis 

Personal Care Attendants 

HB 485

SB 1132

Healthcare Practitioner Discipline

HB 1579

SB 1934

Behavioral Health Services for Defendants with Mental Illness

HB 119  

SB 1188 


HB 459

SB 494- Staff Analysis 

SB 898 

Nonopioid Alternatives

HB 725   

SB 530Staff Analysis    

Prohibited Acts by Healthcare Practitioners

HB 721

SB 1142