Message From Conference Co-Chairs


As you know, we are quickly approaching our Annual Conference and we are very excited about the new, virtual platform we will be utilizing this year.  However, in order to make this conference a success, it is vitally important that ALL committee members pitch in and volunteer to assist in facilitating and navigating members through the virtual platform.  As you know, Thursday evening is traditionally reserved for our large networking reception where sponsors and members can interact in a fun, more laid back environment while enjoying cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.  This year, we are getting creative with the networking reception by offering members the opportunity to interact with other members inside our “virtual bar.”  The Virtual Bar will feature 4 different Zoom capability virtual chat rooms divided out by topic where individuals can interact and network with other attendees of the conference.  We will encourage members to grab a cup of coffee, a cocktail, and/or a snack and join in for some lively discussion with other attendees of the conference.  To encourage participation in our virtual networking reception, we will be offering a $20 gift card at three different times throughout the 2-hour reception window which will be awarded to members based upon participation in the chats (i.e. a pop up quiz question about a particular session from the conference – the first member to chime in with the correct answer wins the gift card).

In order to make our networking reception a success, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are asking members of the committee to volunteer to moderate the chat rooms to encourage participation and keep the environment lively and interactive.  Without moderators, we are concerned there may be minimal participation.  If you have not already registered for the conference (and MANY of our Committee members have not), please do so IMMEDIATELY so that we have an accurate count of those who will be in attendance.  If you will not be attending the conference, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can plan accordingly.

We are very excited about this year’s conference and appreciate all of the hard work you have put in, but we aren’t finished yet.  Thank you for volunteering your time, and with your help we can make this year’s conference a great success.  If you have any other thoughts or input about the networking reception, please let us know.  Please see proposed structure for our Thursday evening reception.

We look forward to your comments.

Kimberly Williams - Education Committee Co-Chair

Chanel Mosley - Education Committee Co-Chair 


Networking Reception-Thursday August 20, 2020 7-9pm (I think 2 hours might be too long)

Virtual Bar-come join us with a beverage of your choice and good conversation.  Networking with fellow colleagues to discuss topics from the Tuesday -Thursday Break Out Sessions.  Share your interest, ask questions and share the great things you are doing at your facilities to keep Patients and Employees safe.   Random drawing will be given out for participation in each of the chat rooms.  (Gift cards 12 $20 gifts cards from Amazon, Starbucks, Publix, Lowes…etc)


4 Chat Rooms- 

  • Welcome New Risk Managers and new FSHRMP members
    • Meet new colleagues 
  • Discuss what you have learned from the Break Out Sessions
  • What subjects you would like to see at future conferences


  • Legal/Regulatory/Claims
  • Current Trends in Litigation Against Nurses
  • Early Disclosure, Apology and Support Programs 
  • Adverse Incident Reporting and Prevention of Medical Error
  • Hospital Corporate Representative Depositions – When Does it Become Abusive?
  • Solutions for High Exposure Cases
  • Are Wrong Site Procedures Affecting Your Bottom Line?
  • The Art of Disclosure of Unanticipated Outcomes
  • Avoiding Claims & Litigation with Technology & Data Analytics


  • Operations/Leadership/Culture
    • Developing an Integrated Telemedicine Network to Increase Access to Care and Improve Efficiencies
    • Healthcare Cyber Risk Management & Insurance
    • TeleHealth and Virtual Care: Risks, Challenges, & Solutions
    • Managing Opioid Risks and New Florida Law
    • PSO Florida Update
    • Mitigating Workplace Violence- Gaps, Silos and Disconnects
    • Caring for Transgender Patients: Unique Risks


  • Clinical Patient Safety /Risk Management
  • On Your Marks, Get Set, Go: A journey to Zero Harm
  • Implicit Bias and Burnout: Impact on Diagnostic Accuracy
  • The Risk Manager's Role in Regulatory and Corporate Compliance
  • Creating a Bridge between Patient Safety and Clinical Practice
  • Innovations in Safety and Risk Management



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  1. Anna Kemp

    Jun. 29, 2020

    Looks like a great format! I'm happy to assist as a moderator where needed. Looking forward to the next conference call to get a better grasp on the expectations and more details about the recommended topics for each of the 4 chat rooms.

  2. Lloyd Thompson

    Jun. 23, 2020

    Kimberly & Chanel thank you. Your hard work has painted a beautiful canvas. I'm connecting to the vision and would like to help in any form. The moderating is key and I'm on board to volunteer. Few questions?? I'm developing and will send as they are clear. The first is how many moderators peer room and what do you envision based on the topics. Secondly, what will be formal format of the networking reception. Will this be inline with sharing personal interest and what's new in that person (risk manager) current role?


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