Proposals for Educational Activities

FSHRMPS is now accepting proposals from content experts who would like to share their expertise with our members.  We are looking for content experts who would like to contribute to our monthly online Risk Net Publication or make a presentation to our members through either a one hour Webinar (immediate opportunities available) or a break out session at our upcoming Annual Conference.

Possible Topics Include:                                                                                      

Clinical / Patient Safety Risks & Solutions

                Medical & Diagnostic Errors

                End of Life Issues

                HIV / AIDS

                Domestic Violence

                Human Trafficking

                Standard Precautions

                Infection Control

Risk Financing

                Insurance Updates

                Structured Settlements

                Impact of Mergers / Acquisitions

Legal and Regulatory

                Laws and Rules of Florida Board of Nursing

                Legal Aspects of Nursing 

                AHCA / DOG Survey Readiness

                Adverse Incident Reporting

                Baker Act Compliance

                CMS Compliance

                OSHA Compliance

Healthcare Operations, Leadership & Organizational Culture

                Collaboration Skills


                High Reliability

                Human Resources


                Measuring & Improving Performance

                Presentation Skills

                Program Assessment

                Systems Thinking & Design / Human Factors


                Using Data to Drive Patient Safety

                Workplace Violence

                Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace

Claims and Litigation

                Case Law

                High Impact Claims

                Technology & Data Analytics


  Risk Net Article
  Conference Break Out Session