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COVID-19 Toolkit

The Florida Department of Health (Department) is working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to monitor the current outbreak of COVID-19 and is actively working to ensure that the most up-to-date CDC guidance is quickly and accurately disseminated to local partners.

Click here for a Visitor Screening  "Toolkit"  from AHCA.

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Ambulatory Surgery Center Survey on Patient Safety

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) recently released the Ambulatory Surgery Center Survey on Patient Safety (SOPS™) Culture Database, offering new insight into the safety culture of that growing component of healthcare.86% of respondents gave their organization a patient safety rating of “Excellent” or “Very Good,” and 93% of respondents indicated that team members stop to discuss the overall plan for a patient before starting procedures.  Click here for the full report. 

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Advocacy Alert - AHCA Quality Measures Form

As you know House Bill 843 was signed into law and the effective date was July 1, 2019.   

The law requires AHCA to create a "form" with data that must be provided (by each hospital) to patients or a patient's representative. 

During a meeting yesterday of the State Consumer Health Information and Policy Advisory Council, representatives from AHCA reported that in order to develop the "form" they will first need to initiate a formal rule making process.  We expect that process to be initiated in the near future as AHCA works to develop an explanation of the quality measures and the relationship between patient safety and the hospital's data for the quality measures as required in the law.

Many of you have contacted me with concerns about the “form” mentioned above as well as the development of the “explanation” required in the bill.  Please note that I have been in contact with the leadership of AHCA and I will be working with our Advocacy Committee to provide input on both the “form” and the “explanation” of the relationship between patient safety and quality measures. Please be sure to follow future Advocacy Alert Messages for an update on the timeline and the specifics of the form development and implementation. 

Click here for the full text of the HB 843.

Click here for information from the AHCA State Consumer Health Information and Policy Council.

Click here to join the FSHRMPS Advocacy Committee

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Revised Annual Risk Management Survey Process

During our recent conference, Kim Smoak from (AHCA) provided an update on the implementation of the revised Annual Risk Management Survey Process. AHCA has requested input on the experience of our members who have undergone a survey over the past three months. If you would like to provide anonymous input on your recent experience with the revised AHCA survey process please click here.

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