ASHRM’s 2020 President Talks Career, COVID-19’s Impact on the Health Care Industry, and More

Risk & Insurance recently published an interview with ASHRM 2020 President Hala Helm.

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Tid Bits to Kick Risks: Alcohol Is Not Just for Drinking

Let us start with a little history:

Way back when I was one of the first infection prevention/nurse epidemiologist nurses   in the country (1 of 2 in a 1200 bed teaching hospital) working under the supervision of a well-l known infectious disease physician epidemiologist who was also a professor at the University. 

                                In those days the foley kits contained packets of Zephiran.  With the approval of the Infection Control Committee, the Med Ex Committee and the Board our 1200 bed hospital  told the company that provided the foley kits that we (our hospital) would require the zephirin packets be replaced  with packets of betadine.  Since so many kits with Zephirin had already been made they were distributed with the betadine packets taped to the kits.  As other foley kits were manufactured  eventually all kits came with the betadine packet inside.

In today’s world

                                With my face mask on I went into a big box store for things I needed.  I was surprised and delighted   to see a large end cap stocked with bottles of a liquid that was a hand sanitizer that “killed 99.99 percent of germs so I snatched up 2 bottles thinking this was an indication the we were on our way to getting back to “normal”.  It was not until I got home that I read the ingredients to see how much alcohol was in the liquid. To my surprise there was NO alcohol in this solution. The main ingredient is benzalkonium chloride also known as Zephiran. So I will return these two bottles.   Why?

Zephiran/Benzalkonium chloride is inactivated by soap or soap film.

I share this history with you as a lesson from the past to build on in this time of uncertainty.  I urge you, as Risk Manager,  to work with your Infection Prevention professional(s)  in collaboration with your Purchasing Manager.  Please Google or otherwise research Zephiran/Benzalkonium chloride.  Please read the labels of all hand sanitizers, other sanitizers, and disinfectants to confirm they  KILL viruses, spores and bacteria.  Not only is this important when dealing with viruses and other infections but also when dealing with conditions like C-diff.  Be sure you note what, if anything, deactivates the main active product.

This is not intended to be legal advice or a directive. This is based on personal experience.  Food for thought.

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Covid-19 lessons learned

Interesting, as I began to response here METV pooped up with an old Gunsmoke episode "Cholera" with the Doctor telling the farm hand to wash their hands and separate dishes and stay away from the ill. Ttis episode was from 1956. We"re still dealing with the issues portrayed in this episode, just a different malady. Interesting. but on the more current issues. It is my opinion that there are lessons we all can learn and many will evolve from collaboration based on science, common sense, history, experience and being open to learning. IF and I say IF, as some are saying,covid-19 is still around, but not at the current level and we have the usual fall inflenza outbreak...and many no vaccine focused on this year's variety since we've been focusing on Covid-19 and the 2 respiratory virues hit this fall are we going to be prepared? Not saying will but how are we, as risk managers addressing that potential? Are we at the table as part of the lessons learned and preparedness team?

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