SB 698: Reproductive Health


Some of our members have raised the concern is that (SB 698- Reproductive Health)  looks like it specifically is referring to reproductive clinics but since it talks about needing to get a consent for any pelvic exam and the fact it includes the word rectum as part of that exam, people are wondering if this is for ANY pelvic or rectal exam and that would include males when checking for prostate. Thus everyone is trying to interpret this bill quickly since it must be implemented by JULY 1.

Below are some resources developed by Orlando Health that may be of help in gaining a better understanding of the bill and the associated requirements. 

Consents Required for All Pelvic Examinations - Clinical Learning Brief (Developed by Orlando Health) 

Example - Pelvic Exam Consent 

Please feel free to post a comment with regard to your thoughts or concerns with SB 698 on the thread below.



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Celebrating FSHRMPS 40th Anniversary

Hello Friends!

I recently received a communication from ASHRM regarding the organization’s 40th Anniversary, which reminded me that FSHRMPS (or its predecessor – FSHRM) was started in the same year by some folks whose names you probably know well.  I will have to defer the history of our society’s beginnings to Lani Kicklighter, as she was one of those pioneers in healthcare risk management who was instrumental in creating this organization and was one of the earliest ASHRM members as well, serving as President of ASHRM in 1998.

I was on the board of FSHRMPS when we celebrated our 35th Anniversary, and we enjoyed the process of looking back and planning for the future.  But we never anticipated our current situation; and only a hurricane would have been considered an event that would threaten our in-person annual conference event.   Time brings change and we are adapting to our circumstances with our first virtual annual conference event.  This is an exciting opportunity for us to expand our way of learning and connecting with colleagues.  Plus, it will open this opportunity to many of our members who have not been able to attend in person in past years due to the costs of travel and personal circumstances that may have made that time away impractical.  I am excited and proud of our organization for adapting and creating a new way for us to save our annual conference and explore the opportunities a virtual platform offers.

While we are all focusing on the new ways of doing things and trying to remain connected to one another, I thought the celebration of our organization’s 40th Anniversary presented another opportunity to connect as well as preserve our history for ourselves and for future generations of risk management professionals.  We may have had “scrapbooks” in the past with photos, but those are difficult to preserve and they are still only 2-dimensional representations of past events.  So my request of you all is to search your memory banks for stories of your time in FSHRMPS (FSHRM) and share them with all of us.  Precision is not important and like many “fish tales” the details may become embellished, but the important thing is to share what you recall, what you felt about the experience and hopefully what you learned or gained from that experience. 

If you’d like to see a summary of our first 30 years, you can find it on our website under OUR PROFESSION or by clicking here: A 30 Year Retrospective.  It offers a great historical perspective of the risk management profession as well as the formation of our organization and those who made it happen!

If you have photos from back in the day, please scan, copy, etc. whatever you can and send them along to Ken at [email protected] and we will work on ways to share those precious and fun memories with everyone.  While this is a time for moving forward, it is always helpful to take a look back to see where we’ve come from and where we’ve been to help guide us to where we need to go next!  This year’s theme is “Staying Safe While Navigating Uncharted Waters.”  Let’s use some of our history to help ground us while charting those waters!  We have a lot of experienced risk management sailors in our midst so I’m calling an “all hands on deck” and asking you to contribute your memories, stories, photos and even pictures of some memorabilia you may still have if you’re a hoarded like me.

Thanks Everyone and I’ll post a few of my own stories soon!

FSHRMPS ,Past President (2016-17)

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