SB 698: Reproductive Health


Some of our members have raised the concern is that (SB 698- Reproductive Health)  looks like it specifically is referring to reproductive clinics but since it talks about needing to get a consent for any pelvic exam and the fact it includes the word rectum as part of that exam, people are wondering if this is for ANY pelvic or rectal exam and that would include males when checking for prostate. Thus everyone is trying to interpret this bill quickly since it must be implemented by JULY 1.

Below are some resources developed by Orlando Health that may be of help in gaining a better understanding of the bill and the associated requirements. 

Consents Required for All Pelvic Examinations - Clinical Learning Brief (Developed by Orlando Health) 

Example - Pelvic Exam Consent 

Please feel free to post a comment with regard to your thoughts or concerns with SB 698 on the thread below.



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