"Good Catch" program

I am developing a "good catch" program and would love to hear from any who currently have the program. I am eager to know if it is successful and if you think you are being made aware of incidents you may not have know about prior to the program. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks, Sue

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  1. Cindy Neill

    Mar. 11, 2020

    I have had success with launching a program in acute care (which is where my work experience lies). Senior leaders need to be engaged and on board in order to launch a program. Develop a program design for including your goal- perhaps the goal is to increase near miss reporting by a certain percentage through incident reporting data. Then I did a program power point presentation for leaders and committees outlining what qualifies as a safety catch program, what are examples of safety catches, how do we recognize a safety catch at this facility, then define a plan for sustaining the program by tracking/trending. I would track who you recognize,what topic is it regarding, did someone stop the line, is it an event near miss, did you catch someone complying with a NPSG, or catching a proactive risk issue. I would hear about a great catch word of mouth, email, or incident report. Go meet and interview that person, take a photo with their permission. Develop a safety catch recognition power point telling their safety story then give them a gift card from HR and a certificate. I would recognize the staff member in a department huddle, board meeting, committee meeting, or daily operational huddle then hand them a gift and certificate. Leaders would be so proud of the employee, they would snap a photo too. One large hospital system I worked for had that employee attend the first 5 minutes of the Board Meeting and get their photo taken with the president of the system- how cool is that! It brings me so much satisfaction to recognize people doing the right thing for safety. That person feels so appreciated. It is one of my favorite risk functions in my everyday work.


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