Webinar - The Importance of Monitoring Capnography with Remote Surveillance and Policy Safeguards

October 25, 2018
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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The current recommendations for patients on opioids is monitoring with
waveform capnography. As facilities are looking for monitoring options,
ensuring the patients will be monitored remotely is also extremely important to
consider. An unmonitored, monitored patient is essentially being spot checked
each time the nurse walks in the room, the patient is still at significant risk if
the alarms cannot be heard outside of the room. Once a facility has invested in
capnography monitoring, it is essential a policy is put in place to protect the
patients, as well as the facility. Gaps in the policy can lead to the staff
monitoring ineffectively or a failure to monitor at all. During this presentation,
case studies will provide examples of such failures and how an effective policy
can prevent risks to the patients and facility.

Presented by:

Lisa Propper DNP, ARNP, C-PNP – 10 Years experience in the NICU and 3 year
on Pediatric ECMO team at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville.
Employed by Medtronic and has been working with Microstream Capnography
and Nellcor Pulse Oximetry for the last 5 years as a Clinical Product Specialist.
My role involves working with facilities to manage their risks by assisting in the
decision making process to meet their patient safety goals.


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