Our Profession

Healthcare risk management is the identification and evaluation of risks as a means to reduce injury to patients, staff and visitors either proactively or re-actively to either prevent occurrence or minimize damages following an event.   

Healthcare risk management is a diverse profession in a dynamic and evolving healthcare industry. Healthcare risk managers hold a wide variety of titles and work in a cross-section of organizations. Healthcare risk managers come from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds. We have an interest in the broad-based discipline of healthcare risk management because we enjoy working to positively influence the healthcare industry and contribute to the delivery of safe and trusted healthcare.

 About Healthcare Risk Management and Patient Safety Professionals

 A professional healthcare risk manager must possess a comprehensive understanding of the business and complexity of healthcare to identify both real and potential safety threats or risk.  After identification of risk(s), the professional healthcare risk manager must be able to analyze, trend and implement processes eliminate or minimize the safety threat or danger to the public.  The professional healthcare risk manager must have analytical skills to evaluate risk data that can be translated verbally and in writing to promote patient safety and ensure the well-being of the organization’s healthcare consumer.

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