The Florida Society for Healthcare Risk Management & Patient Safety is considered the leading voice in Florida on issues related to risk management and patient safety across the continuum of care. Our Society is pleased to announce that we are now accepting nominations for our 2021 Award Program. 

The goal of our awards program is to recognize leadership, collaboration, and innovation at both the organizational and individual levels. We are asking members of our profession to help celebrate the work we do in providing a safe and trusted healthcare system by nominating one of your colleagues and/or your organization for the following awards:

The Emerging Leader Award recognizes newer members who have already made significant contributions to the Society and/or to the profession and have demonstrated the potential for leadership and continuing service.

A Nominee for the Emerging Leader Award Must:

  • Be a FSHRMPS member in good standing;
  • Not have previously received an Emerging Leader Award;
  • Have made a significant contribution to the Society through service on one or more committees;
  • Have shown outstanding promise for continuing service and leadership. Specific examples of his/her continuing activities must be provided.


Click here to complete the online nominations form.

The Professional Recognition Award is awarded to a FSHRMPS member who has made significant contributions to our Society and/or the profession of healthcare risk management and patient safety.

A Nominee for the Professional Recognition Award Must:

  • Be a FSHRMPS member for at least five years. Current FSHRMPS board members and officers are ineligible; however, committee and task force chairpersons who are not board members may be nominated;
  • Have demonstrated support and contributions to FSHRMPS and its member;
  • Have participated in FSHRMPS committees and/or made presentations during educational meetings or activities;
  • Have demonstrated resourcefulness and innovation in the field of risk management and patient safety;
  • Have been responsible for major contributions to the advancement of the profession of risk management through authorship, teaching, research in risk management, etc.


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The Patient Safety Collaboration Award is conferred on an organization (or facility) which has demonstrated excellence in promoting collaboration between departments to improve quality and reduce risk at the enterprise level.

A Nominee for the Patient Safety Collaboration Award Must:

  • Align risk management and patient safety strategies with the Society’s organizational mission, vision, values, and goals;
  • Create opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration to promote effective patient safety outcomes;
  • Advocate for the inclusion of the principles of proactive risk mitigation within patient safety and quality improvement initiatives;
  • Promote the application of high reliability principles at all levels of the organization.


Click here to complete the online nominations form.