Mentor Program

The FSHRMPS Mentorship Program facilitates one-to-one mentoring relationships that connect mentees with mentors to promote professional development collaboration.   The purpose of the mentoring program is to help support new members while allowing longtime members to pass on the important knowledge to advance the practice of risk management and patient safety and our goal to promote leadership for a safe and trusted healthcare system.   

Mentorship is a professional developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.

Roles and Responsibilities:  

FSHRMPS Mentors agree to have monthly contact (virtually or by phone) with their matched mentee to establish goals, communication channels and guide, encourage and support the mentee. Mentors are limited to one mentee relationship for up to one year or a duration to be agreed upon by the mentor and mentee.

Specific activities include:

  • serve as resource for the mentee in reviewing the FSHRMPS Core Competency and Professional Development Framework;
  • be accessible, responsive, respect confidentiality and serve as a resource for the mentee in compliance with the FSHRMPS Code of Professional Responsibility;
  • share experiences and wisdom gained while serving as a healthcare risk management and or patient safety professional;
  • provide expert comment and situational analysis;
  • share informal networks and resources and serve as a “sounding board”;
  • encourage and motivate the mentee to work toward their individual objectives;
  • encourage mentee to contribute to the collective knowledge of our profession and to join our efforts to advocate for a safe and trusted healthcare system.


FSHRMPS Mentees are responsible for scheduling meetings, preparing the topics for discussion and sending an agenda with topics that matter most to each mentee.

Specific activities include:

  • be familiar with the FSHRMPS Core Competencies and Professional Development Framework and FSHRMPS Code of Professional Responsibility;
  • take responsibility for the relationship by helping to establish overall objectives and setting the agenda and outlining expectations;
  • ask questions and be open and receptive to feedback;
  • proactively engage the mentor by asking questions and proactively engaging in a dialog on topics appropriate for the mentoring relationship;
  • be respectful of your mentor's time and ideas;
  • work to deepen the skills associated with the FSHRMPS Core Competencies and Professional Development Framework.


Topics that are appropriate as part of the Mentor – Mentee Relationship:

  • applicable standards of health care risk management;
  • applicable federal, state, and local health and safety laws and rules;
  • the investigation and analysis of the frequency and causes of general categories and specific types of adverse incidents to patients and the reporting of adverse events;
  • informing a patient that is the subject of an adverse incident,
  • the development of appropriate measures to minimize the risk of adverse incidents to patients;
  • risk management and risk prevention education and training;
  • the analysis of adverse events and patient grievances that relate to patient care and the quality of medical services;
  • AHCA Annual RM Survey and or Annual Report;
  • reporting to the Board of Directors.


During the enrollment process, mentees will select topics (listed above) that are of the most interest to them and they will then be matched with mentors who have appropriate experience in various topics as listed above

Criteria for Participation:

The FSHRMPS Mentorship program is free and open to all members of the society as a benefit of membership in the society.  The FSHRMPS Membership Committee works to recruit risk management and patient safety professionals who have significant experience and are willing to serve as mentors.  FSHRMPS members who are willing to serve as mentors are selected by the membership committee (for a one-year term) and then matched with mentees who apply to participate in the program.

In order to serve as a mentor a FSHRMPS member must:

  • be a current member of FSHRMPS;
  • have been employed as a risk management and or patient safety professional with at least 5 years of experience.


Applying to the Program:

Click here to apply to be a FSHRMPS Mentor.

Click here to apply to be a FSHRMPS Mentee.