The FSHRMPS is proud to provide our members with year round continuing education opportunities including continuing education credits for the following designations:

  • Florida Licensed Nurses
  • Certified Florida Health Law Attorney
  • Certified Professional Healthcare Risk Manager (CPHRM)
  • Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS)  


Year round continuing education offerings available to our members include:

  • Free Monthly Webinar Series

  • Regional Programming

  • Pre-Conference Workshops

  • Education Sessions During Annual Meeting & Education Conference

A professional healthcare risk manager must possess a comprehensive understanding of the business and complexity of healthcare to identify both real and potential safety threats or risk.  After identification of risk(s), the professional healthcare risk manager must be able to analyze, trend and implement processes eliminate or minimize the safety threat or danger to the public.  The professional healthcare risk manager must have analytical skills to evaluate risk data that can be translated verbally and in writing to promote patient safety and ensure the well-being of the organization’s healthcare consumer.

Click here for the FSHRMPS Core Competencies and Professional Development Framework